OpEx-Forum in „Readiness“ for joseph Paris

When the Operational Excellence community converges on the magnificent castle in the southern German town of Schwetzingen on November 15th they will be engaging for the second time in a communal dialog round what positive contribution OpEx can make to a better future in enterprises, academia and society in general.  This mandate is by no means trivial and will benefit from the participation of a wide and diverse group of leaders, influencers and participants from politics, industry, academia and the performing arts.

We are delighted to welcome one of the Titans of the OpEx community to our event, a thought-leader who has been speaking and writing on the subject of “readiness” for the future for many years now. Joseph F. Paris Jr. has been influencing the development of Operational Excellence in enterprises across the globe and provoking discussions on the direction we will have to take to keep OpEx relevant in a dynamic and challenge world. The challenges of alignment, agility and adaption of improvement programs to a continually changing business environment fit perfectly to the overarching agenda of the OpEx-Forum.

With the open question “is you Operational Excellence Program ready for the future?” Joseph will lead us through a reflection on what questions we should be asking ourselves without being prescriptive on the answers to these questions. We are looking forward to this “future dialog” under Joseph’s expert guidance and are curious what arguments, deliberation and recommendations come out of the exclusive workshop session which is planned to follow his keynote presentation.

If you want to be involved in this debate and have not yet enrolled there are still a few spaces left at the castle. Looking forward to seeing you and Joseph F. Paris in Schwetzingen on November 15th 2018.